As Jiu Jitsu practitioners we are always in search of the submission. Whether is be a choke or joint lock, there is always something we are looking for. This post is more or less a rant of something that I have become fairly passionate about over the past few years. Getting right to the point, join me in trying to find the "Ultimate Submission" which in my eyes at this current point and time would be the cure for cancers. Everyone knows it, Cancer SUCKS, so here are just a few ways that we can help support researchers to find the cure.

By donating or purchasing items from "Tap Cancer Out" a BJJ related non profit organization that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Also, another way to help donate would be through and organization where you can train for an endurance event such as a full marathon, half marathon, century bike ride, etc., while raising money for LLS as well. Here is there website.


And the last one that I will leave you with is an organization that I care deeply about, Camp Quality USA. (more specifically KS) this is a one week opportunity for anyone where this camp is offered to spend some time with a kid with or recovering from cancer. I've done it the last 4 years and it has truly changed my life. There are camps mainly in the midwest region but check the website for more details if you're interested!


Thanks for reading and I hope you guys will check out some of these great organizations!


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