Prior to starting BJJ I was a very un-athletic kid that lived a moderately sedentary lifestyle. Yes I played sports, dabbling in basketball, golf, tennis and the unique track and field event we know as pole vault, none of which I had any long term commitment too. There was always one thing that I wanted to do but never did try; I had always had an interest in grappling. Having just graduated from high school, I missed the bus on trying out for the wrestling team. So I looked up some places that had wrestling for adults, to no avail. I then learned of the sport of BJJ. I could explain my entire story on how I got started, but I’ll save that for a later post. But let’s cut to the point, I was one of the nerdiest kids that you could have met in high school. I a small 130lb kid that was lacking in confidence, had hardly any social skills, and other than the small group of friends that I had, didn’t have too much going on in my life. But after stepping on the mat for the first time, learning the arm bar and other basic movements, I felt like BJJ was something that I wanted to stick with.

There are so many things that BJJ can do for you. It’s been nearly 4 years since I started training BJJ, and to be honest my desire to learn and to train more in the sport is growing every day. I am now more confident in myself, and feel pretty sociable amongst a large group of people. My group of friends are still good friends, but BJJ has added to the list and now most of my “gym friends” have now become family even in different states! This was all possible because of BJJ. This is now what I do, my life has become immersed in this art and I cannot get enough.

So this article is for anyone interested in BJJ and thinking about trying it out. It truly has changed my life and I think it can do the same for you. For parents wanting to get there kids into a sport, definitely try BJJ, it can be the tool that helps your child succeed! For anyone else who has considered trying it out, please do yourself a favor and try it out, what’s the worst that can happen? You can feel better about yourself, learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and maybe lose a few lbs? Man that sounds awful! (sarcasm) So wherever you are, get online, find a gym nearby, and get started on your journey.


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