Assuming most of us have gone through at least grade school, we all have had experience with different teachers. Everyone remembers the funny teacher, the mean teacher and so on and so forth. But what makes a teacher so good? Well other than the obvious one which would be knowledge and the ability to convey this knowledge, most teachers who are organized and have an action plan typically are the ones who will be most successful.

Curriculum's are something that should definitely be looked for in a gym/school as well. Think about it, have you had an instructor that just thinks off the top of their head 2 minutes right before class on what they are going to do? Seems kind of scatter brained huh? Whereas a well thought out curriculum, whether it be weekly, monthly or yearly should give you more of an idea on what you will be learning.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you like instructor's that have a plan, or just the flow with the go type? Comment below!


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